I don’t consider myself that much of a Tyler Perry fan,but somehow,I’ve managed to watch all his movies one way or another…from Madea to Diary of a mad black woman..but one thing i can’t stand is his cross-dressing shenanigans.(I’m with you Riley of Boondocks)surely how can a straight man in his straight mind always have guys shirtless in his movies..especially Why did I get Married too,the scene where the guys are catching up at the beach,then that ex porn star(whose in Nicki Minaj’s Your love video)is all there all buffed up talking and all..i mean I’m sorry but that’s just a tad gay..anway i digress,back to what made me blog in the first place:For Coloured Girls.Ever since i heard the hype about this movie,i had to watch it when it came out,since Tyler said its different from his other movies,i was like,why not?let me give it a chance(yep for someone whose not a Tyler Perry fan i have a funny way of showing it)back to For Coloured girls..

The movie has a very nice content to it,all the experiences women go through,it covers all age groups,every woman can relate to it somehow..BUT,and that’s a very big but,the movie is just everywhere..first of all,one mistake don’t put all-stars rolled up in one’s like the football team Real has so many star players in it,some players just get outshined..and that’s what For coloured girls did,u have Loretta,Janet,Thandie,Whoopie,Macy, and the rest of the crew all rolled up into one movie?c’mon!!!it just has confused and everywhere written all over it..and one thing i don’t like about this movie,it doesn’t flow at all,especially when that chick whose always beaten in all Tyler Perry movies(what’s up with that?)loses her kids(spoiler alert)show us a funeral,something,don’t leave us hanging like that..and i’m sure a lot of the male species will agree with me when i say,Tyler has really male bashed in this movie..even if it’s for girls,we have rapists,gay ass men with Aids,men leaving women,i mean it’s just too much…i love the poetry though,very deep..but one thing i hate about Tyler movies is speeches..damn with the speeches…but i gotta hand it to him,the movie is real somehow,but he depicted men in a very bad way…i liked the humour in it though..seeing Whoopie act all Lejo Maria/Mukorino like

it was all so hilarious…all in all i give this movie 3stars…and Tyler i thought you would redeem yourself in this movie by clearing my doubts about how Boondocks depicted you,but still I’m in doubts..why did it have to have a gay guy in it?why??i enjoyed it though..nice watch at home,at least you can forward it when you get bored with the speeches:-)


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  1. my sentiments exactly…for some weird reason i have also watched like all of his movies,i even recently watched madeas witness protection.ths one for colored girls,casting was overdone,and the scenes in it looked more theater less movie.buh it was good though

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