Picture Perfect

Hey beautiful people!Hope you all had a lovely weekend..I know I did:-)This weekend was just relaxing and peaceful for me,got to bond with old friends that I haven’t seen in a while,and just be at one with the beautiful scenery of Ngong…Anyway my friends always say I have an eye for photography,that I should take it up seriously,so I decided hmmm let me let you judge for yourselves..here are some few photos I took of my lovely friends and I’ll only publish just a few,because I respect people’s privacy and not post photos without their consent..

That is my lovely friend,and my fave model to work with…my Pentax camera just loves her,here’s another shot i just loved taking..

So maybe i do have a shot in doing some photography on the side,aye?should i add more just to wet your appetite?hmmm ok,just a few more…

My fave photo of them all was this….

And let me end it with a photo of my two fave gals,and me;-)