I Gave In



It’s been awhile since I published any of of my poetry here..well today I’m just in the mood to do just that, so here goes…enjoy! (copy written so don’t copy me)


I gave in, I gave in to his caress, to his hands that blessed, undressed every part of my being.

I gave in to his temptation, to his seduction, to each fraction of his lips, I sanctioned him in.

I gave in to the sweet nectar of his juice, my rivers flowed for him, as one our bodies fused, but my heart he bruised.

I gave in to his sweet words that tasted like honey, it’s funny, I didn’t notice how uncanny they felt, but I gave in.

I gave in to his kryptonite, see I was like Superman, and his krypton made me weak, so weak my knees trembled with desire, I gave in to his powers.

I gave in to his waves, his waters carried me on to shore, I wanted more and more. I gave in and let him dive in, dive deep in the waters, breathlessly drowning in his high tide. My feelings I could not hide.

I gave in to his roots, his roots so strong and thick, they held my tree. I didn’t want to break free. I gave in thinking that he was the root to my tree, but he was just a branch, a branch broken by a gust of wind, so swift to last. He had to remain in the past.

I gave in to the sweetness of his forbidden fruit, but his fruit turned out to be Poison Ivy, running through my veins, gripping my heart, breaking it piece by piece.

I gave in to the fantasy, but reality came knocking my door. This man that I adored, I came to abhor.

But he also gave in, he gave in to his deceit. Like the waves and motions, his emotions carried him to a dark place, I had to face, face the fact that he gave in to his desires.

He gave in to taste this pearl, a pearl so bright and precious none had ever tasted. But he wasted that pearl. No longer sparkling in front of his eyes, he gave in to the lies.

And I gave in to his web, like a fly he caught me, entangled and distraught.

I gave in to a moment of pleasure, not a lasting treasure.

Peace and Blessings,




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