And it came to me like an epiphany

My dear bloggers, and fans (I wish) it has been a while since I last blogged. Been going through a whirlwind of emotions lately, decided to give the whole blog sphere a rest for some time. I’m back now hopefully I’ll stick around for a little while. Enough with the catching up and what not, back to writing. The last couple of weeks, well what can I say they’ve been pretty eventful. The ups and downs taught me one thing about myself; I’m very tenacious (a little bit of PLO grammar here and there) As much as life decides to throw lemons at me, I get the tequila and salt and have me a cocktail with it! So here are just a few of the epiphanies (again my English seems to get the best of me *inserts British laughter here*)

1. I realized that sometimes we take life too seriously. We are so rigid and worried about what people think of us that we tend to live in a certain way that’s expected of us by people we necessarily don’t like. This epiphany came to me while waiting at the labor ward in hospital. I was traumatized being in this ward. I will need me a sofa and a shrink to re assure me that everything will be ok. I digress much, anyway I saw grown women screaming, and crying and all the scary stuff that they don’t show in the movies while I was there. But there was a certain lady that got my attention. She was screaming her head off, walking around butt naked when the nurse told her to cover herself, she turned and told the nurse;” I don’t care what anyone thinks, if they’ve never seen a naked woman before, well there’s always a first time! You see she didn’t seem to care what people thought, she was dealing with her pain how she knew best. I’m not saying you walk around naked, God know! Save us the trauma (unless you’re Idris Elba)
Just do what you want sometimes without worrying too much about what everyone else thinks.

2. I realized that sometimes even though you can’t always get what you want, it doesn’t hurt to try to find another way about it. I realized this while in hospital. I, my sister and friends always never keep time while going for hospital visits. We always go after visiting hours and still expect to enter inside the hospital and see the patient. While visiting a patient, we decided that we were going to see her in the morning; way before visiting hours and no guard was going to stop us getting in through the hospital. So one of my friends showed us a secret passage to use( due to security reasons and me not wanting you to know my Prison Break techniques, I won’t disclose which hospital it is and the techniques) Let me just say, we ended up seeing the patient without any hitches from the guards! My point being, never give up on your mission (gosh! That sounds so Al Qaeda) what I’m trying to say here is that, you can make the impossible to be possible but you must have the right attitude towards it!

3. I realized that being an extrovert is a protection in itself. This is personal so I won’t delve much about what brought me to this conclusion. But when a close friend of mine took his own life, it really took me by surprise. Let me digress a bit. Recently I had an argument with someone, and she blurted out and told me my life is no secret. I didn’t know whether to laugh or argue back, but didn’t have the strength for it. You see, I don’t let things bother me much; I will tweet about it, rant it out or find myself a stiff drink and a bartender and let it all out. Afterwards I always feel like a weight’s been lifted off my shoulders, and I’m all fine and dandy. I don’t care what people say, the oh no you did not just say that stares don’t bother me. See the thing is, it’s out of my system and I won’t harbor or carry it inside me. Of course I still have my skeletons in the closet and my own demons to fight on my own, but if something is really bothering you always let it out. Talk to a friend, stranger, God (if you are an atheist talk to a stone or plant) but just don’t let it eat you up to the point that you feel like life’s not worth living anymore.

4. I realized that I need to stop bitching and whining about my problems, because someone out there, has it far worse than I do. Of course this is stating the obvious; we all know someone out there always has it far worse than we do. I’ve always had a phobia about a certain big government hospital around, but I overcame that phobia last month( I am Ninjaress now)while I had gone to visit someone there, I saw a lady running with her kid not knowing exactly where she was going, the child looked lifeless at this point and it just made me all teary. I got to see the little cancer patients, kids as young as one year going through chemo yet they always managed a little smile on their sweet faces. It made me realize one thing; Don’t think you have problems, appreciate the gift of life and good health that you have try fixing your own problems and stop making mountains out of them.

5. I realized that holding grudges is a waste of beauty sleep. A wise man once told me, holding grudges is like me taking poison and expecting the one I’m holding a grudge against, to die. It’s really silly when you think about it. You will be the one suffering from sleepless nights, burning ulcers yet the one you’re holding a grudge against goes on with their life un-perturbed.

6. I realized that when you’re out in the clubs with your girlfriends and one of them ask you to accompany them to the ladies, never decline! It’s an unwritten rule that ladies always go two by two to the ladies. Be it just to talk, help her do her makeup, it’s a ritual that should be honored and it’s actually a privilege of sorts. It sounds silly but trust me I declined once and never got to hear the end of that story.

7. I realized that when it comes to women and their weaves, especially when it’s raining they are stronger than Spartacus and any Roman gladiator combined when it comes to pushing and shoving you out of their way just to get some shelter for their heads. The best thing to do is to stay away from one who doesn’t have a brolly and gets her horse-tail I mean weave wet. Hell hath no fury like a woman’s rained on weave!

8. I realized that not everything good to you, is good for you. Fighting temptations is not easy since temptation is always enticing and so easy to give in to, but at the end of the day if it’s just good to you for a little while, then it’s not good for you at all. No need to get into this much so let me just leave it at that. But sinful guilty pleasures can be a pain in all the wrong places at times

9. I came to realize sometimes the best thing to do is let people learn from their mistakes. Tough love is always the best kind of love to show someone you care about when they seem to think they know it all. The best thing you can do for them is be there when they need a shoulder to cry on.

10. Above all things, the one epiphany that just hit the nail on the head for me was what one midget told me; Life is short. (if you don’t get that lame joke, I seriously cannot help you anymore)

Peace and Blessings always, Vionna



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