Kikambala Beach

Life is like a wave motion. We sit on life’s shores waiting to receive the waves and the motions. That is one epiphany I came up with once while sitting at the beach, just staring into nothingness. The beach has always been one of my gateway, release therapy when I’m down or going through some problems in my life. I don’t know what it is about the sand, the waves, the breeze, it just takes me to that tranquil place, like nothing else matters (and that’s why I love going to the Coast so much) Anway back to Kikambala Beach. I promised to do a post on this a while back, but somehow I lost my blog mojo and what not haven’t been blogging much lately. On my vacation to the Sun and Sand resort last month, I decided to do something different. No boat rides, no snorkeling just walk as deep as I could near the reef. I wasn’t trying to pull a Jesus by walking on water stunt, don’t get me wrong. I’m an eco-friendly enthusiast, in fact I’m thinking of going back to Uni and doing eco-tourism\studies , if I was abroad I’m sure I would have joined an eco terrorist group somewhere.Just kidding CIA don’t hold me in contempt;-)Back to my beach escapades and ahem not the over 18 beach after dark escapades here. Diani and Watamu have the cleanest beaches you would ever see, so I wasn’t keen on walking much along Kikambala Beach, but I was tired of lazing around the pool, salivating and stealing glances with some Italian Marine men at the resort, I decided to take a long walk along the beach. One of the beach boys kept bugging me about taking me for a walk till we reached the reef,deep into the waters for a fee of course. I decided what the heck, life’s short to be so uptight, let me live a little. So I asked one of the guards at Sun and Sand to keep his eye on me, incase the beachboy tried anything silly. I had a very short skirt on, and wasn’t too comfortable walking for an hour or so deep into the sea with this beachboy but I saw a few tourists ahead so I knew I was safe. I got rubber sandals for the walk ,I refused to buy the ones they told me they were selling and wore mine. Boy did I learn the lesson the hard way..but that is a story for later on. Kikambala beach is not so clean as such, and the tide was very far off,so the first few minutes of walking down I was regretting why I agreed to this on the first place. But I kept on going, I was about to walk till where you see that ka white line..;)

we weren’t even far off before we started meeting the little sea urchins and the red ones too look so cute as lethal as they are
The beach had amazing sea creatures..let me just post a few fishes and corals that i got to see along the way
saw the lovely of zebra fishes,and cute starfish too and this dude who has a sea kiosk in the middle of the beach,selling shells just made my dayi had walked this far off from the shore, and that’s when this terrible little creature decided to bite me leg and well i got all the R Kelly I was peed on jokes to last me a lifetime,but if i wasnt peed on the sting, would have caused damage to me wonderful legs;)maybe that’s why this beach boy had a big grin on his face but i do not regret the walk at all.I got to appreciate God’s wonderful creations firsthand,sure I came back with swollen feet,rashes all over my thighs thanks to stings from a Jelly fish,but it was one of those bucket list moments I fulfilled for myself and seeing the clean blue waves of the start of the deep-sea was just so relaxingso the next time you happen to be in Kikambala,or any beach for that moment..enjoy every minute of the waves,the crush and the motion..nothing like it
Peace and Blessings,Vionna


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