Sun N Sands

Hey beautiful people!!!It’s been a minute,back from vacation all fresh and relaxed,and thought I would share with you some of my sojourn escapades=)

So on Friday,my close friend and I,decided to travel down to the Coast to enjoy some sand and relaxation.We both needed it,and Makena,I know you are reading this,all I can say is,I love you like a fat kid loves cake;-)Anyway enough shout outs,back to matters at hand..Sun N Sands..

Located in the Coast of Mombasa,Kikambala to be exact,Sun N Sands beach resort is one of those places you go to and you automatically feel relaxed,it has an amazing landscape.The plush palm trees shaped like rainbows,the beautiful lawns,just have an amazing serene feel to them..<
So we checked in on Saturday afternoon,the ever so friendly guards welcomed us with a nice warm greeting,that just made us feel at home.I must say,of all the hotels I've been to,Sun N Sand,have the best customer service I've ever come across..from the cooks,to the receptionists,to the cleaners,to the fitness instructors,superb customer service!Anyway,you know I always keep it real,having an eye for design,I must say SNS need to revamp their decor..give it a bit of an oomph of sorts..the rooms didn't cut it for me…
They were a bit to blergh!It didn’t give me that cosy feel as such
Especially this Tetris thingy like on the wall…They just need to do a little bit of decor,but aside from that, the place is more than amazing…The Lamu bar being one of my fave bars at SnS The pools,well what can I say,bellisimo!You have a variety of pools to choose from.we were spoilt for choice I tell you..The water aerobics was really fun,at least you don’t become lazy when you’re vacationing like some of us tend to be
For now I wont do so much talking..let me upload a few more pictures of the lovely place for you to see..Sigh this place is just lovely,innit?And the beautiful view of the beach….
SnS has a crazy but in a good way fitness instructor..though he overworked me much during our stay..
And their gym needs a little bit of sprucing up a bit to..didn’t see any treadmill here..
If you plan on going down there with kids,yet you still want to have a good time,not to worry,they have a lovely crèche there for your little ones to enjoy tooAnd in any case you happen to be there and forget your bikini like me*covers head in shame*not to worry,they have a nice boutique that’s fairly cheap for a 5 Star hotel,you can get nice ones there
All in all Sun N Sands is officially one of my fave Beach Resorts in the Coast,I had the time of my life there..Their food was more than tantalizing..especially their waffles!yum yum!!!!The live band music after dinner,played some lovely tunes..Jeremy the sweet bartender at Msafiri Bar,can make you some serious cocktails,just make sure you know the way to your room well after your done drinking his cocktails..The resort will be closing down sadly for a few months from May,to make way for some renovations,and better facilities and suites come if you can go on holiday,before then,go ahead and enjoy Sun N sure wont regret the dent on your wallet(but the rates are pretty fair not to worry)I more than enjoyed the stay there with my munchkin,and best friend(I know you are reading rock gal!)I will do a post soon on Kikambala Beach,so you better watch this space..till then from a very cool,calm,relaxed and contented blogger,Peace and Blessings,Vionna;-)


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