Zebra Crossing

Hey Beautiful people!!!Excuse my heading today,but lately I’ve been seeing a whole lot of Zebra crossing,oh you want to know what Zebra Crossing is,well its the whole fad of having point 5 kids,you know crossing black skin with white?So I like to call it Zebra Crossing

An image there just for you to understand more;-)

Now I see you get my drift,aye?Anway I stayed in Mombasa especially Nyali for a while,and somehow I thought there was a shop where you could get yourself one of this little cute pointy babies!It seems to be the norm nowadays,it’s like there’s a memo I missed that was sent,Zebra crossing is in this season,get yourself one while stocks last;-)I was having lunch one at La veranda in Nyali,,beautiful place by the way.they have the best Spaghetti Bolognese.I digress,and I ran out of hands to count just how many skinny looking Kenyan women came in,with their little Zebra crossings=)There were those very pointy like kids…kwanza when the mama is dark Alek Wek Black,the kid comes out looking seriously hot.And then there was the pointy backfired ones,those ones,you squint to see if they are albino like or just light..you can never tell..=)So anyway back to my story(did I have one to begin with)oh yer,me and my sister were shopping at the supermarket one day,so we went to the shoe store at the mall,still in Nyali,and this lady walks in,with four really African and I mean really African kids,who were all struggling to carry a lil pointy baby..she was busy buying shoes and the little one was throwing tantrums,screaming,throwing shoes at everyone.Trust me I was more than tempted to ask her to lend me the child for a few minutes and teach it some manners..But I restrained myself,so the attendant said something that made everyone gasp,he turned to the woman and said,’Excuse me miss,but can you tell your boss next time to stay with the child while you bring yours to shop’.I was feeling the wooosah moment for that woman..she was about to have the biggest bitch fit of her life.How dare the attendant think she was a nanny for that child?Me and my sister were trying so hard not to burst out laughing,so we just bought the shoes and left the shop..But then when we got home,i started wondering,why are our fellow People,so discriminative to people of their own skin?The fact that,that guy thought that lady was a maid to those kids,and not the mother really pissed me off,fine I found it funny at the time,but later on,it wasn’t so amusing..It reminded me of how differently when you go to restaurants,and this happens a lot in Diani,the waiters never hurry to serve you,unless you are there with a white person!I mean,is it for the tips?or do you think they’ll put in a good word for you and process your visa while at it?It’s a bad habit that needs to be stopped,I’ve experienced it a number of times in restaurants here in Kenya,bitched a lot about it,demanding to speak to the manager and all(I’m a drama queen when need be)Because what irritates me,is the fact that,if you go to their country,you wont see a waiter hurrying along to serve you like you are a celebrity who just made an impromptu at the cafe…I went back to the shoe store the next day,with my forced Coastarian accent,and really gave that guy a piece of my mind..Anyone can have a Zebra crossing,heck it’s just conceived like all the rest,so why did he think that she had to be maid,coz there was no way she would get with a white man?I was so mad that day,but I felt good telling him off..though I’m still looking for that zebra crossing shop in Nyali,i want me one too:-)

Peace and Blessings,Vionna


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