Sun N Sands

Hey beautiful people!!!It’s been a minute,back from vacation all fresh and relaxed,and thought I would share with you some of my sojourn escapades=)

So on Friday,my close friend and I,decided to travel down to the Coast to enjoy some sand and relaxation.We both needed it,and Makena,I know you are reading this,all I can say is,I love you like a fat kid loves cake;-)Anyway enough shout outs,back to matters at hand..Sun N Sands..

Located in the Coast of Mombasa,Kikambala to be exact,Sun N Sands beach resort is one of those places you go to and you automatically feel relaxed,it has an amazing landscape.The plush palm trees shaped like rainbows,the beautiful lawns,just have an amazing serene feel to them..<
So we checked in on Saturday afternoon,the ever so friendly guards welcomed us with a nice warm greeting,that just made us feel at home.I must say,of all the hotels I've been to,Sun N Sand,have the best customer service I've ever come across..from the cooks,to the receptionists,to the cleaners,to the fitness instructors,superb customer service!Anyway,you know I always keep it real,having an eye for design,I must say SNS need to revamp their decor..give it a bit of an oomph of sorts..the rooms didn't cut it for me…
They were a bit to blergh!It didn’t give me that cosy feel as such
Especially this Tetris thingy like on the wall…They just need to do a little bit of decor,but aside from that, the place is more than amazing…The Lamu bar being one of my fave bars at SnS The pools,well what can I say,bellisimo!You have a variety of pools to choose from.we were spoilt for choice I tell you..The water aerobics was really fun,at least you don’t become lazy when you’re vacationing like some of us tend to be
For now I wont do so much talking..let me upload a few more pictures of the lovely place for you to see..Sigh this place is just lovely,innit?And the beautiful view of the beach….
SnS has a crazy but in a good way fitness instructor..though he overworked me much during our stay..
And their gym needs a little bit of sprucing up a bit to..didn’t see any treadmill here..
If you plan on going down there with kids,yet you still want to have a good time,not to worry,they have a lovely crèche there for your little ones to enjoy tooAnd in any case you happen to be there and forget your bikini like me*covers head in shame*not to worry,they have a nice boutique that’s fairly cheap for a 5 Star hotel,you can get nice ones there
All in all Sun N Sands is officially one of my fave Beach Resorts in the Coast,I had the time of my life there..Their food was more than tantalizing..especially their waffles!yum yum!!!!The live band music after dinner,played some lovely tunes..Jeremy the sweet bartender at Msafiri Bar,can make you some serious cocktails,just make sure you know the way to your room well after your done drinking his cocktails..The resort will be closing down sadly for a few months from May,to make way for some renovations,and better facilities and suites come if you can go on holiday,before then,go ahead and enjoy Sun N sure wont regret the dent on your wallet(but the rates are pretty fair not to worry)I more than enjoyed the stay there with my munchkin,and best friend(I know you are reading rock gal!)I will do a post soon on Kikambala Beach,so you better watch this space..till then from a very cool,calm,relaxed and contented blogger,Peace and Blessings,Vionna;-)


Bushes And Sumo Wrestlers Tendencies

A certain incident this week inspired me to write this post. This is to do with my waxing escapades. I’m going away for a vacation soon, to get some sun, sand and relaxation on the beach. You know I just had to rub it in abit…:-)Anyway, enough gloating, back to hairy matters at hand! So I decided to go for my monthly waxing {I believe I was a hairy mutant in a past life} in readiness for my beach wearing attires. It’s always one of those tasks, that I’m sure many women will agree with me when I say, we would rather pass if need be. So I set up an appointment and went in a little bit early at the beauty parlor, since it’s one of those things I always need to prepare myself mentally for the pain. I sat at the reception, reading my book away, when one of the beauticians came and sat next to me, with a client who was there explaining why she hadn’t been around the Beauty parlor for some time. Not that I was eavesdropping,okay maybe i was.. but her reasons made me laugh and I just had to get in on their conversation. Apparently, she broke up with her boyfriend some months back, so she didn’t see any reason to come ahem get her hedges trimmed and what not! To me, that was just one of the silliest excuses I had ever heard! Allow me to rant here a bit. Either I missed the memo, but why does one need to be in a relationship to either have a smooth hedge, or a bushy forest?

I was so worked up by this mentality, so SOME women {notice the emphasis on some} actually believe that waxing and what not, should only be done when you’re in a relationship or going on vacation somewhere! The conversation got so heated, and turned into another topic altogether. Should women only wax, buy sexy lingerie when there’s a man involved? So one lady started saying how she hates it when her husband is around, because she always has to wear thongs and corsets for him! I was about to have a heart attack, she wears thongs for him. Please note, not for her, but for him! Personally, I hate thongs. Yeah I said it! Thongs should have been left where they belonged: on sumo wrestlers!
They are like dental floss for the arse, not that I don’t wear them once in a while. Some satin dresses can only be worn with thongs{though I prefer wearing none in this case*inserts naughty grin*}I’m not saying women should wear scary stomach holding grandma Avril like pants,
that could shelter a small family from the rain, but there are cute French knickers that are so comfy, yet have a sexy look to them.

As for corsets, I just told that lady she really must love her husband. I wear corsets once in a long while, most of the time corsets feel like body armors.

I love the way they make a lady look all sexy and push the twins up, but ladies, men can barely even master removing bra straps, let alone this body armour, that can be so frustrating when you trying to get them off in the heat of the moment! I’m not saying that women should go all Nyati orange torn T-shirts to bed. God no! I remember a friend of mine who always used to rant how his wife,on their first year of marriage was all Playboy Bunny wearing every night to bed, once the honeymoon phase was over, she went back to her PNU blue torn Tees, stockings on her head, thick socks like she was going to Alaska while sleeping and those worn out tracksuits to bed! And that’s where my point came in, the problem with us ladies, if you keep doing something to please someone, it reaches a point where you get tired of it, and slip back to your comfy self! I go for my waxing, every month because I love a smooth hedge, regardless of whether I’m in a relationship at the time or not… I asked one of the ladies there, so what would happen if she was to bump into an Adonis of a man one night, and desires checked in and BAM! Adonis has to clear the forest to get to clear land! Ladies, you never know when the craving will strike, you always gotta be prepared. When you do something for yourself, it becomes part of your routine. You won’t reach that part where you’ll go like ah screw it! I’m tired of pleasing him! Sometime back I was in need for some retail therapy, so I decided to splurge on some sexy red lingerie, not for any special occasion, just decided to reward my twins for behaving really well and growing a cup bigger! There’s a conversation in the movie Eat, Pray, Love that really stuck in my head, it goes like: When you’ve undressed in front of a man, has he ever asked you to leave? No, right? Because he doesn’t care. He’s with a naked girl; he’s just won the lottery! Back to our heated debated at the beauty place, some of the ladies started seeing my point of view, I really hoped that somehow, I had managed to convince even one of them, that it takes pleasing you first, to make pleasing your better half that more worthwhile! Do something just because you enjoy doing it. Not that I enjoy the pain from waxing, or threading my eyebrows, but I shudder to think how much of a bush baby I would look if I didn’t do it! And men are not as stupid as we think ladies; they know when you’re doing something just to please them. I’m not trying to say that you shouldn’t put an effort to look good, but do it for you, not for anyone else. Men really don’t care, a guy friend of mine once told me after all, all those will end up in the floor a few seconds later.. Think about it, if you give someone a gift, they hardly go on and on about how lovely the wrapping paper is. Most of the time the paper is torn into pieces and ends up on the floor, the same goes for your undies, you are the Gift, that he was dying to get to. So if you single and you’ve been eyeing that lingerie for sometime, yet waiting for Mr. Right to come, just get it for you, and prance around your room with it. Please yourself before you try pleasing others…and I mean that in every way possible*letting your mind wander*:-)

Peace and Blessings, Vionna

Painting The Forth Bridge

The Forth Bridge, you ask? Well, it is one of the longest bridges in Scotland, its 2.5km in length and the double track is elevated 46m above high tide. I could go on and on about the history of this bridge, but that’s not important. There’s a Scottish saying I love using most of the time: It’s Like Painting the Forth Bridge. This was an expression that was coined on the erroneous belief that at one time in the history of the bridge, repainting was required and commenced immediately upon the completion of the previous repaint. That it took more than seven years painting it, and start repainting it all over again when done. Hence the term, it’s like Painting the Forth Bridge. It was a never-ending task. Now that we are all on the same page here, let’s go back to the reason for me using that term….

Recently someone really annoyed me by a comment they made about me, I love traveling a lot, and most of the time my friends hijack me for a road trip outside of the city, just for some peace and quiet. So someone sent me a text asking me if I was home during the weekend, I told him I was on my way out of Nairobi, and he calls me telling me how I’m such a spoilt brat! That it seems I’m living life lavishly, I don’t know anything about having problems! I’ve been going through some tough times lately, and I really needed some time out. Away from the city and everyone. So a friend of mine asked me if we could do a random trip to Annuli, and I hurriedly accepted that offer. And here, someone assumed that all I do is travel around without a care in the world! I really got so worked up, but hang up the phone on him, and continued on with my sojourn. You see, my daddy always used to tell me one thing: Always dress well, hide your problems with a smile, because half of the people you tell, will only pity you and do nothing about it, but the only person you can trust with your problems, and your sure he’ll fix it or provide a way out, is God. So that’s what I always do, I might have a smile on my face, but inside I’m breaking into little pieces. But believing in God is like “Painting the Forth Bridge”; it’s a never-ending task… I’m not one to tell people about my problems, I always find a way of fixing them alone. But let me take you back a few years back in my life…

Flashback to 2002:
In 2002, around Christmas, New Years time, my brother was beaten up while he was leaving the club and ended up dying a few days before New Year, I felt like my world had come to an end. This wasn’t happening to me and not just when I was ready to say goodbye to 2002. Being the Lastborn in my family, I always end up being the last to know about such things, and everyone finds a way of dealing with the grief and assumes you are ok.I went on a wild spree after that, as usual I tried hiding the hurt and pain that was killing me inside. I was just about to finish high school then, and went on a drinking, partying, life’s short, screw it before it does you attitude! But that’s when I knew; true friends can always see the frown when you have a fake smile on. I went on with life as if nothing had happened, hiding the sorrow from everyone, yet crying myself to sleep every night, and asking God to give me the strength to wake up every day in the morning…”It was like painting the Forth Bridge”. And somehow, he answered my prayers through true, amazing friends who were there for me, let me soak their shoulders literally with my tears, and helped me get through that nightmare…

Flash-Forward to 2006:
In 2006, five days after New Year’s, my dad passed away. He had been sick for a while and my phobia of hospitals, had deterred me from going to see him in hospital, you see after my brother died, I had a phobia of hospitals. I couldn’t enter anywhere near a hospital, I would start shaking and get asthmatic attacks. I was a daddy’s girl, I wanted to remember my dad the way he was, big cheerful and one who would protect me from any harm. But now his kidneys and liver had failed {let’s just say he loved his bottle so much} and his health was deteriorating so fast. I didn’t want to remember him in that way so I never went to see him in hospital, and the day I decided to go, was the day he died! My mum and sisters came back home from hospital, and found my cousin had called me earlier with the bad news. I was in a state of shock and never shed a tear that day. The guilt of not going to see him while in hospital still eats me up till today, but this time around, I didn’t go on a wild spree. I became a loner and buried myself with work and was angry at myself, at God, at my dad for leaving us with bank loans and debts to pay, for leaving me, his little princess all alone in this cruel world, I was angry at everyone. I hated when people came to comfort me, I managed to drift away from my friends then and poetry and writing became my release therapy. But no man is an Island, I needed comfort too. I was tired of pretending to be the strong one. That year and the next two after that, everything that could go wrong went wrong. It’s like Murphy’s Law was remixing its meaning to Vionna’s Law. But as usual, I couldn’t believe how God answered my prayers; I saw his love first hand. through strangers, known media personalities, who were more than amazing in helping me get back on track financially and my ever so amazing friends who helped me through strangers, known media personalities, who were more than amazing in helping me get back on track financially and my ever so amazing friends who helped me emotionally too. Believing in him then, let’s just say “It was Like Painting the Forth Bridge”

The Here and Now:
Recently the remix of Murphy’s Law, A.K.A Vionna’s Law has been the story of my life…the past few months, I’ve come to know the meaning of the term Shit Happens…well, I don’t want to delve much into it, but this year is just one of those years I want to end, and fast! Recently while heading back to Nairobi from Nanyuki, I was just staring outside my window, it was raining heavily, my friend was trying to swerve the potholes, the road was slippery, it was getting dark, I could tell he was tense, afraid, hoping to get both of us back to Nairobi in one piece, and I was just sitting there, staring outside the window, enjoying the rain dripping down my window, I felt like it was washing away the turmoil in my soul, cleansing away all the pain.. and somehow I managed to doze off a bit, woke up in Muranga where it was a bit dry, and hawkers bombarding us with their bananas, paw paws forcing us to buy them, the mathe in me had to get some of course. The journey after that was peaceful, no more rain. And I wished my life was peaceful like that, that somehow the dark cloud hovering above me would just disappear. But unfortunately it hasn’t though I’ve learned to cover my problems with a smile, and remove my disguises when I’m alone and turn to God in prayer. During our trip back to Nairobi, one of my best friends whose been seeing me through all this trials, sent me a verse to remind me of God’s love, Corinthians 10:13 which partly says, God is faithful and he will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear, but along with the temptation, he will also make the way out in order for you to be able to endure it. I was busy trying to fix things, to get my life back in order to remember that scripture. And yes with time, I know he will provide a way out for me. We all go through trials in our lives, for some of us it’s visible, for some us we know how to hide it well, but no one should ever assume no one has problems in this world. What I’ve come to learn is that as much as you might not find a solution to your problems, when you turn to God in prayer, he answers you in many ways. Through friends who comfort you, offer you free vacations in 5star hotels in Mombasa{Coast this weekend.woohoo!! can’t wait!} who call you up just check how you are doing, cry with you when you need to cry and offer you big nice bear hugs that make you realize your not alone in this…sometimes we try so much to fix things that are already broken and end up being frustrated, yet we forget one thing, there things once broken, they will never be as good as new, no matter how much you try. We should learn to let go, and get new ones and while at it, always remember God’s undying love is MORE than “painting the Forth Bridge”. It’s a never an ending task no matter how much we feel we don’t deserve it at times..

Peace and Blessings, Vionna

Strawberries and Whip Cream.Season 1

So a few of my blog readers have asked me if all my writing is erotic.No it’s not,in fact most of my writing is just basically the real life,tried to be sugar coated in fiction.Here’s one I wrote awhile back,purely will have a sequel to it soon.Hope you enjoy season 1=)

I met him on a sunny Saturday afternoon,while buying my usual strawberries and whip cream at the store.He held the last bunch of strawberries left on the shelf.What would I have for dinner tonight?I thought to myself.I kept waiting for him to put down the strawberries and pounce on them like a vulture does fowls.It’s as if he read my mind,and he slowly put the bunch down,like I was a cop and he was surrendering his gun.Noticing I had intimidated him,I managed to crack a smile at him,he relaxed and smiled back.Managing to break the awkward silence,he asked,”It seems they were saving the best for last”.I just gave him a quick glance and said sarcastically,”Yes it seems”,while eyeing him up and down,I thought to myself,well his really not my type.You see,I loved my men tall,white and Italian,and well he was short,caramel and African.So I walked to the till to pay for my strawberries and look forward to my Saturday night ritual.Strawberries,whip cream and wine.Comfort eating was the only thing that helped me get over my break-up with my fiancee.He kept following me asking what I had planned for the night.I got so irritated,snapped and told him that it was none of his business,and paid for my strawberries and left the store.Still,he kept following toward the car park,and dared tell me that I should try smile more often,maybe then I wouldn’t be a single,bitter woman who spends her Saturday nights eating strawberries alone!Thoughts of running him over with my car crossed my mind!The nerve of this bastard!Yet deep down,I knew there was some truth to what he said.I had been hurt by my ex-fiancee,and somehow I was letting it all out on any man who dared cross my path.But I couldn’t give him the satisfaction of him knowing that he was right.I hated him at that point,yet I felt this adrenaline rush while arguing with him.He somehow seemed to turn me on!I slowly entered into my car,confused as to what I was feeling,and forgot to look back while reversing,till I heard a loud thud.I came out of the car in hysteria screaming,thinking I had killed Mr Bastard!He lay there looking at me in disbelief,I started crying,apologizing for what I had done,not knowing he had actually faked me hitting him.Quickly I lifted him into my car,not wanting to cause a scene at the parking lot.I kept driving asking him if he was fine,that I was taking him to the nearest hospital,but he insisted that he was fine,and just needed to lie down a bit.My house was not so far off from the place,so I offered to make it up to him,by cooking him dinner at my place,as my peace offering.He hurriedly accepted and somehow he didn’t look like someone hit by a car..we went back to my place,I let him lie on my sofa for a bit,while I made him some Spaghetti Bolognese for dinner.I heard him going through my music collection while I was cooking in the kitchen,the bastard!What was he doing snooping around my things,I stormed in to find him walking upright looking around my art and music collection.That’s when I realized he wasn’t hurt at all..That was the last straw from him,this bastard was crawling under my skin!I went back to the kitchen,staring at the knife,and thoughts of him playing with my emotions like that,it took self control for me not to pick it up.I finished cooking,set the dinner table nicely,without saying a word to Mr Bastard.He knew something was wrong,so he asked if anything was bothering me,I said no and told him to eat and get out of my house.He then put on some Ron Isley music,and said how much he loved his music,he was finally redeeming himself!At least he didn’t have pathetic taste in music after all,we talked,laughed,and somehow didn’t take notice of the fact that it was getting late.”It was nice having company for dinner tonight”,I mentioned to him.Then I remembered I still had some strawberries and whip cream for dessert,he readily accepted to stay for some dessert.I got my bottle of wine,he put on some nice baby making Barry White music and we just sat on the sofa knowing how the night would end.There was an animalistic attraction between us,and it was scary.The strawberries and whip cream made my libido high,I was so turned on,I just wanted him licking the whip cream and eating the strawberries off my body,somehow he read my mind,slowly started undressing me,sprayed the whip cream on my breasts and started licking it off my nipples

Damn!The sex was explosive!My toes curled and my knees got so weak I couldn’t get up.That was the best orgasm I ever had in a long while..I could get used to this,I thought to myself..we continued having our no strings attached sexcapades for months on end.I didn’t want to know about his life,as much as he didn’t need to know anything about my life.Then somehow I got attached.He wasn’t my type,he wasn’t the kind of guy my mother would want me getting married to.But I don’t know if I was confusing lust with love,but I started being vulnerable around him.Maybe his just a rebound,my girlfriends kept telling me,just have fun for now..I kept my feelings in check and convinced myself that all he was a rebound..I was busy enjoying the back breaking,toe curling sex to notice that my monthly visitors who shower me with red blessings hadn’t come knocking by.I kept hoping this didn’t mean what I think it meant,then decided to be brave once and for all and confirm my fears..Just as I finished peeing on the kit,my doorbell rang.Mr ex-fiancee stood in front of me,with flowers,and my engagement ring on his left hand.I stood there in shock,and he let himself in.Not knowing what just happened,I turned around and asked him what he was doing at my place,he looked at me and said,”it’s been a 7hour flight,the least you could do is let me use the bathroom before chasing me out”.I didn’t want to argue with him,so I let him do what he wanted as long as he was leaving my house in the next ten minutes,I had a lot on my mind already.Oh my!speaking of my mind,why did I let him enter the bathroom,I left the kit inside there!And before I could say anything else,he came out carrying it and asked,”so what do you have to say for yourself”?I looked at the kit in shock,Oh my Word!It was…………………………

Zebra Crossing

Hey Beautiful people!!!Excuse my heading today,but lately I’ve been seeing a whole lot of Zebra crossing,oh you want to know what Zebra Crossing is,well its the whole fad of having point 5 kids,you know crossing black skin with white?So I like to call it Zebra Crossing

An image there just for you to understand more;-)

Now I see you get my drift,aye?Anway I stayed in Mombasa especially Nyali for a while,and somehow I thought there was a shop where you could get yourself one of this little cute pointy babies!It seems to be the norm nowadays,it’s like there’s a memo I missed that was sent,Zebra crossing is in this season,get yourself one while stocks last;-)I was having lunch one at La veranda in Nyali,,beautiful place by the way.they have the best Spaghetti Bolognese.I digress,and I ran out of hands to count just how many skinny looking Kenyan women came in,with their little Zebra crossings=)There were those very pointy like kids…kwanza when the mama is dark Alek Wek Black,the kid comes out looking seriously hot.And then there was the pointy backfired ones,those ones,you squint to see if they are albino like or just can never tell..=)So anyway back to my story(did I have one to begin with)oh yer,me and my sister were shopping at the supermarket one day,so we went to the shoe store at the mall,still in Nyali,and this lady walks in,with four really African and I mean really African kids,who were all struggling to carry a lil pointy baby..she was busy buying shoes and the little one was throwing tantrums,screaming,throwing shoes at everyone.Trust me I was more than tempted to ask her to lend me the child for a few minutes and teach it some manners..But I restrained myself,so the attendant said something that made everyone gasp,he turned to the woman and said,’Excuse me miss,but can you tell your boss next time to stay with the child while you bring yours to shop’.I was feeling the wooosah moment for that woman..she was about to have the biggest bitch fit of her life.How dare the attendant think she was a nanny for that child?Me and my sister were trying so hard not to burst out laughing,so we just bought the shoes and left the shop..But then when we got home,i started wondering,why are our fellow People,so discriminative to people of their own skin?The fact that,that guy thought that lady was a maid to those kids,and not the mother really pissed me off,fine I found it funny at the time,but later on,it wasn’t so amusing..It reminded me of how differently when you go to restaurants,and this happens a lot in Diani,the waiters never hurry to serve you,unless you are there with a white person!I mean,is it for the tips?or do you think they’ll put in a good word for you and process your visa while at it?It’s a bad habit that needs to be stopped,I’ve experienced it a number of times in restaurants here in Kenya,bitched a lot about it,demanding to speak to the manager and all(I’m a drama queen when need be)Because what irritates me,is the fact that,if you go to their country,you wont see a waiter hurrying along to serve you like you are a celebrity who just made an impromptu at the cafe…I went back to the shoe store the next day,with my forced Coastarian accent,and really gave that guy a piece of my mind..Anyone can have a Zebra crossing,heck it’s just conceived like all the rest,so why did he think that she had to be maid,coz there was no way she would get with a white man?I was so mad that day,but I felt good telling him off..though I’m still looking for that zebra crossing shop in Nyali,i want me one too:-)

Peace and Blessings,Vionna