The Art Gallery

So again,I was pressured by one @swirrytwix on twitter to post more of my stories.Well,this is the last one I’ll post for now.The rest,maybe when I finally get to publish my book,you will all have a chance of reading them.It’s called The Art Gallery,enjoy:-)

Sergio the Painter.That’s what I liked to call him.He had this artistic sexy look about him.Dark hair,eyes so dark and intense they sent shivers down my spine.But he was one fine brother,the way he held his brush while painting.I wish I was his muse,lying naked on the floor,him brushing my body with his fingers,caressing my foot with his gifted hands.Carefully stroking my body in circular motions.But according to him,I was just a lover of arts,he never gave me a second glance,always sent his assistant to help me choose paintings.Why couldn’t he see the desire burning inside my soul for him?!it’s like all I was,was a mirage to him.Every time I walked inside the gallery,he would always be busy on a painting he didn’t allow anyone to see.I kept asking his assistant what he was drawing,but all he would say was,”Sergio doesn’t like anyone seeing his paintings,till his satisfied with it”.The curiosity drove me mad.All I wanted was for him to notice me,to be his inspiration,have him penetrate inside me gently and deeply.See the colors of love in his eyes,as he took me to heights i couldn’t fathom.But I was invisible to him.My emotions were in turmoil.My every being wanted Sergio so bad.His dark eyes drew me to him like a moth to a flame.I wanted him to hold me in his arms like that paintbrush,move my body in every different angle possible.I was so busy in fantasy world to notice the poster on the wall,until his assistant came up to me and told me Sergio had an art gallery display that Friday night.I didn’t see the need to attend it,after all the paintings I bought,yet he didn’t even notice me once?!But I was addicted to his paintings,as much as I was addicted to him.As his assistant caught my attention when he said,”Sergio would really love it if you attended the Art Opening”.I was more than ecstatic,he didn’t have to say no more.In my mind I was already figuring what I would wear for the night.That sexy black dress,the dress that Sergio would one day undress from me.I couldn’t wait for Friday to reach..

Finally the day of the Art Opening arrived.There I was in my little black dress looking all sexy.The gallery was full of art lovers,though all I wanted was to have Sergio all to myself.But this was his show,he directed the script of my desires.I needed to calm my nerves,here I was thinking he would as much as acknowledge my presence,but he kept mingling with the guests as my frustrations became too much to bear.”Why did I keep doing this to myself?”I wondered.I had to distract my mind somehow from him.I kept admiring the beautiful art on the wall,yet I was so deep in thought.Thoughts of him loving me,touching me.I lost count of how many glasses of wine I took.My mind was now intoxicated,but I needed him to toxify my body with his fingers,to draw the emotions of my desires.Then I had a tap on my shoulder.It was Sergio!My heart skipped a beat when I saw him so close to me.I could feel the warmth in his breathe.Noticing the awe in my face,he broke the silence and said,”I notice you love my art so much,I have a masterpiece I’ve finished working on,that I would really like for you to see”.Smiling seductively at him,I said,”Just lead the way,I would more than love to see it”.Placing my glass of wine on the table,i followed him back to the upper floor,where his loft was.There it was!The most beautiful painting I had ever seen

I don’t know if it was the wine or my emotions overcoming me,but tears started rolling down my face.He moved closer to me,gazed deep into my eyes with those dark piercing eyes of his,and wiped the tears from my eyes.Then he gently kissed every drop from my face,and asked me why I was crying.I looked at him and said,”This is the sweetest thing anyone has ever done for me”.He then whisked me off to bed saying,”You are my inspiration,just like that painting,I want to be your canvas and hold you so close.Now I need you to be my muse,so we can finish drawing this work of art together”.I thought I was dreaming,or really intoxicated from the wine to differentiate reality from fantasy.But this wasn’t a dream,I was here with Sergio.He slowly undressed me.Down the little black dress came tumbling down.As his dark eyes trailed me to the bed.He stood and watched me relax atop the satin sheets.Examining every angle of my body like a painting.I slowly spread my thighs nice and wide,then smiled at him.It was as if he was sketching me in his head!Whispering to me,he said,”you’re a goddess of heavenly beauty stretched from the headboard toward the foot of my bed”.I wanted him inside me so bad,but he sat on the bench of the foot of the bed admiring my body.Then he stood up,leaned towards me softly,kissing my forehead and said,”I’m here to paint and please you,not just today,but every day.He went and sat back at the foot of the bed and whispered,”spread your legs a little wider and bend your knees a little bit more so I can admire my pretty pearl”.I never knew passion could taste so sweet.He took me to heights I couldn’t imagine.My hips jerked as my heart kept beating fast.As we both exhaled to a moment,that was forever sketched in my memory.I finally became the brush he needed to create a masterpiece.That truly was the best Art Opening I ever attended,I smiled to myself:-)



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