Hot Chocolate

I’ve never published some of my writings to the public before,mainly because I still don’t believe that I’m a good writer,and mostly because my writing tends to go on the more raunchy and erotic way,and many people judge me by what I write.But here’s one of the first pieces I ever wrote a few years back,when that bulb moment came upon me and I quickly looked for some ink and pen and put it in’s called Hot Chocolate..Enjoy:-)

He always sat next to the window overlooking the streets at my favourite coffee shop,busy typing away his documents on his computer as he slowly sipped his coffee.Too busy to notice the sensual scent that lingered as I passed him by,and sat right opposite him,drinking my Mayan Hot chocolate,hoping he’d steal a glance my way.His muscular arms almost ripping from his shirt,as he gently lifts his cup of coffee,slowly into his mouth,as I get lost in fantasy,of him whisking me up,with those manly arms,arms so strong he’d bring a whole city down like Samson,I wish I was his Delilah,and let him hold my body tight,grip me into his caramel warm skin,me sinking my nails deep in his back,as he thrusts harder and deeper inside me.If only he knew what he did to me,to my body.Then my fantasy is cut short by the ring on his finger.”The good ones are always taken”I sigh to myself.Time to put out this burning desire inside me,wanting him,longing for his touch,feel his thickness,his big manliness covering me up inside,as we dance to the rhythm of our bodies entwined as one..I can’t keep doing this to myself.The next day I decide not to go to my usual coffee spot,me and him were never meant to be,he’ll always be a fantasy for me to open up my legs wide at night,touch and play with myself,with visions of him eating me up,like the croissant he always orders with his coffee.

But there’s a flame burning inside me,that just has to see him just this once,the temptation to see him to hard to resist.I find myself strolling nonchalantly to my spot at the coffee shop.Damn!There he is sitting in my spot,though I wouldn’t mind him hitting my G-spot,but what the hell is he doing in my spot?!Maybe today’s the day that will turn this fantasy into reality,I think to myself.I walk up to him and ask him casually,”excuse me sir,but is this sit taken?See I don’t know if you’ve noticed this,but this here is my spot”He looks at me,with those beautiful soft lips,lips that I would like to kiss,to feel their warmth inside my mouth,and says,”I thought you wouldn’t mind us sharing this spot together”I manage to throw him a casual smile.”Not at all”,I say,my mama taught me never to let a man know you want him,let him chase you,and enjoy the thrill.But inside I was throwing pom poms,fireworks displayed,jumping up and down like a little girl.I pull out my notebook,pretend to write,while all the while I was his scent mesmerized me.The waiter came to take my order,I told her the usual.Mayan Hot chocolate.He looked up at me and asked why hot chocolate,this was my chance,I couldn’t let this moment pass,so I arched myself as best as I could,made sure he noticed my unbuttoned blouse,and my breasts all ready to be sucked by him.Then I said,”See,I love my hot chocolate sensual,there’s a beauty in how it’s mixed,Mayan Hot chocolate is my favourite,the cinnamon and cayenne pepper make it hot and spicy,just the way you do”And that’s when I realized the slip of my tongue,he now knew how I felt for him,I couldn’t take it back,as my cheeks turned into a crimson red,damn!what had I done,please say something,stop staring at me,I kept thinking to myself.Then he broke the awkward silence and said,”a girl who knows just what she wants”.I just stroked my hair,blushing and said yes.He kept on talking,”I’ve always wanted to pour deep inside you like milk,warmly trickling every part of your being,heat you up on high,like the hot chocolate in the microwave boiling,I want to stir you up,slowly,with a whisk of my touch,hold you close,feel your short breaths in my ears as you urge me to go on and on,as your legs tremble with ecstasy,and your toes curl behind my back as we exhale from satisfaction”.I couln’t feel my legs,he had me all wet now,all I wanted was to have him inside me even if it was only for a night,because I knew he belonged to someone else.Just the way I like my hot chocolate,with some whip cream on top,I wanted to pour some whip cream on his thickness,lick it all up in my mouth,tighten my fingers and slide them down to his nuts,grabbing his thickness now all nice and long,covered in whip cream,opening my mouth wide,massage his thickness with my tongue,ease it out of my mouth,while I tightened my jaws around it,bobbing up and down his thickness like the hot chocolate melting in my mouth.Just like that,he could read my mind,and knew what I was the waiter came back with my order,i slowly drank my hot chocolate,and he quickly finished his cup of coffee and paid the bill..Yeah,my hot chocolate filled my appetite just right…….



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