Waves and Motions

It was time to pack up and leave,
Leave the hustle and bustle of the city.
Tired of the choking pollution,the silly commotion
Gasping for some clean fresh air,
Yeah it was time to leave,for some peace and sanity
To find some clarity.
Ease a troubled mind,some tranquility to find.
So the journey began.This was going to be fun.
Sun,sand and beach at last!
Then it happened so fast.wait!Let’s reverse
Let’s take it back,back to the beautiful scenes
The cool breeze,the green Baobab trees..
Some Norah Jones kinda jazzy tunes..
You know the kind that gets you in the mood?
That mood that makes you want to get up to no good,kinda tunes.
Don’t know Why,I just felt He Came Away With me,
The tunes gave me the blues,
All i wanted was to sing his melody,hit the high notes;
Do,Mi so,and end it with aah ma ma mia;-)
Flash forward to the beach,the clean,white sandy beach.
Water lying still as warm drops trickle down my body.Drip!Drip!
Damn!now I was all wet,his sweet touch I felt.
Deep in the very confines of my soul
His waves carrying me off the shores..
But I wanted to drown,drown in the Bermuda of his triangle,
Let him point me in all the horizontal angles.
He rocked my boat just right…
In the still of the night..
We drifted off to the waves of his ecstasy,fulfilling my every fantasy.
Then the thunder became stronger,with every wave it kept rocking our boat.So hard I couldn’t float.
A whirlwind of desire,that ignited my fire.
In the ocean we crashed…
On his waves and motions,we thrashed..
The calm before the storm had me fooled.
But it felt good,like food to a hungry pauper.
I caught his tidal wave as he brought me back to the shore,
I was gasping for more.
The waves and motions lying still.
Yeah,this is the tranquility I needed to feel.
Gazing at the sun setting on the horizon,
The orange rays,reflecting on the waves,
He caught me in a daze.
I hope his tide will be high tonight,to pull me back like a coral reef
So deep in the sea,i can’t get free..
A perfect end to a beautiful vacation,
Learning the beauty of waves and motions……

Peace and Blessings,Vionna.(copy written,so don’t copy me)


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