Breaking Free

Yesterday was one of those days my emotions were on some sort of whirlwind,you know when you can’t seem to pinpoint how your feeling?Lately most of my friends have been going through a motion,and as always,being the support system for most of my friends,their emotions sort of rub on me,and at times I end up emotionally drained.Not that I’m complaining,i love the fact that they can always run up to me for comfort when need be..but as I was sitted in a restaurant waiting for one of my girlfriends in the evening,a certain little girl caught my attention,she was about 5years,her mum was on the phone,busy chatting,she looked so cute in her uniform,though she looked really tired.Her mum was clutching her bag on one hand,the other on the phone,and the little one trying as hard as possible to clutch on her arm.And that’s when the little girl snapped.She was tired of waiting for her mum to finish her conversation on the phone,and she just broke free and crossed the road!To the shock of many people around piercing the mum with dagger eyes,how could she let the little one cross the road herself..i couldn’t make out what happened,because i was sited a bit far,but how she dragged the little one by the ear,pinching her,and scolding her,i could tell the little girl was in trouble..I know your probably wondering what I’m on about,well the little girl kinda reminded me of a few things going on in my know when it seems like the world has its grip on you,and you’re trying hard to hold on to it,and it keeps pulling you back every time you try to break free,and you just need your mama’s hand to help you cross this road,cause you can’t seem to cross it by yourself..when I saw that little girl i was lost in thought,i didn’t notice my friend waving at me..The little girl got tired of waiting,she took matters in her own hands,as scared as she was,because she was tired and she just wanted to go home,and it got me thinking,it reaches a point in life,where you just need to let go of the worlds hands as it were,it might be scary crossing the road by yourself,you’ll face dangers around,a few bumps here and there,you’ll be ridiculed,people will try bring you down,but you know what,it reaches a point,you just need to break free,and Giving up on waiting doesn’t always mean you are weak; sometimes it means that you are strong enough to let go..whatever you might be going through,be it a broken relationship,just remember one thing,Relationships are like glass. Sometimes it’s better to leave them broken than try to hurt yourself putting it back together..Just break free from the grips and heartaches,and learn to cross this road called life by yourself,sure it has a few bumps,but with time,they all ease up..release the pain inside,Because Numbing the pain for a while will make it worse when you finally feel it..Learn to break free!
Peace and Blessings,Vionna



  1. Wow, this makes so much sense. This is some really deep stuff… now let me get down to thinking what it is I’m holding on to. But I know the feeling, I think I’ve broken free from a few things in my life.
    Please keep writing.

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