The dreaded Visits

Hey beautiful people..its been a minute since i last blogged..well a lot has been happening in my life lately,some of it good,some it frightening,some of it just bad,but somehow,it’s just made me a whole lot stronger..anway enough about that,time to write about my ever so dreaded Gynae visits..
well for reasons not allowed for you to know,lately I’ve been seeing a whole lot of my Gynae..and every woman knows just how annoying gynae visits can get,until you get the right gynae who you are comfortable with and knows what he is doing.I know this is a touchy subject,and talking about women’s vagina is a taboo of some sort(I’ve never understood that)I mean we all came from that place that y’all can’t seem to say,u know the vajayjay?..yep that one:-)Anyway i used to dread this visits,but as a woman,u know u have to make sure everything is right down there..I’ve moved from Gynae to gynae like a Masai looking for grass for its cattle.It hasn’t been easy,from having a woman Gynae(lets just say i loathe women gynaes)judging you and asking you why you cant save yourself for marriage and condemning you with their eyes every time they tell you to lie down and take a look,you think they’ll sew you up tight…i just have bad experience with women gynaes..until i found the right first visit to him was a bit awkward,i mean the guy was old enough to be my dad,but a friend told me he was the best,so i decided to check him out..i went there all nervous(don’t know why i get nervous)but the receptionist was very polite,all smiley,made me relax a bit.I took out my phone,started tweeting,as I am the most impatient person on this earth,especially when i need to know something quick..the Gynae was taking ages with a patient,i started tapping my fingers,and the lady who sat next to me,asked me if it was my first baby,i looked at her wondering where that question came from..why is it that people always think you have to be preggers for you to visit a gynae?Such wrong thinking!anyway i wasn’t in the mood for some chit-chat,told her No and looked the other way..finally my time came to see him,the baby charts and all the baby mags in the office were making me all queezy…you always feel pregnant when you visit a gynae..sheesh!anway i digress,i went in,greeted with a lovely smile,felt so comfy,he asked me my age,explain to him why i was there to see him,bla bla bla bla*insert doctor/patient censored talk here;-)*He was so cool about everything..didn’t feel awkward one bit..i left there thinking I’ve finally found the one!My other visits went well,he gave me his personal phone number,whenever i thought i needed some advice from him,and being the cheap Kenyan that I am,i abuse that right and call him up every time,i mean come on,that’s free consultation right there without having to go to the clinic.But yesterday,i went abit early for my appointment,sat at the reception waiting,even let some pregnant lady advice me on what to eat to add weight and things(still wondering why you have to be preggers to visit a gynae)as we were chatting up,his son walks in..oh boy oh boy oh boy!how i wished he would emulate his dad and be a gynae,i would never miss a visit,he was an Adonis,very handsome,with a beautiful smile,i even forgot what i was there to see the dad for…all in all the visit yesterday wasn’t so bad..;-)Though what ticks me off,is why we don’t have nice cosy womanly kinda gynaes,i mean most clinics just look clinic you are there to have an abortion kinda clinic..come on the vajayjay is precious…it needs to be examined in a cosy,comfortable place,maybe then women wont dread the visits much;-)

Peace and Blessings,Vionna



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