So as i continue with my sojourns around our beautiful country,and Mombasa to be specific,my travels escapades took me to one little Italian city also known as Malindi.But before that,we made a detour to one of the most romantic places a few km away from Malindi.Watamu is one of the most serene,romantic perfect honeymoon places you’d ever visit..the beaches are clean,the cottages are just so damn beautiful..
so we made a trip down the Watamu Marine Park..went snorkeling and deep-sea diving..this lil town gives my love for Diani serious compe:-)the place holds special memories for me,and not to forget Fatuma’s sandals shop is the best place you could ever get sandals here..moving along..we reached Malindi,greeted by tuktuks as usual..this town is always so full of Italians,i call it the Sin City of North Coast..well Mtwapa takes the cake for that,but Malindi is like a lil Vegas of some sorts..the kids here are just too naughty,this little boys made me blush well I’ve never really gotten the time to visit Vasco Da Gama,most of the time I’m always having ice cream at Mauricio’s..the icecream there is just orgasmic..sigh Italians really know how to make good ice cream,pasta,pizza and ahem many more things*insert naughty wink here*Don’t think Malindi is all relaxation,for all you who love House/Trance music like I do,do make a point of clubbing at Star Dust the music there is amazing,and the ambience is just classy..well if you think of vacationing in Malindi some time soon,hope my lii tit bits helped..excuse me as i capture the lovely sunset here in Malindi Beach



  1. Oh! And you’re dead right about Watamu. There’s something there that even I who lives in a coastal town finds different.

    I’m not big on ma Historia mingi mingi so I’m not taken by Vasco Da Gama pillar or any other historicals. Also I’ve never convinced myself why I should visit ruins of any sort. One day maybe…..

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