Pass me By

Ahem this is one of the most steamy poems i have ever written.enjoy..

Sitting here staring at my window pane,
It’s eight in the morn, time for him to pass my lane.
I anxiously wait, watching him behind this curtain.
There he is finally walking up and down this street.
His luscious lips longing to please,
As he flashes a smile my way.
Maybe today’s the day,
His touch will meet mine.
See his my fantasy, but I want to make him my reality.
And do everything with him, do dumb things with him.
You know strolling in the park things, stealing kisses, strapped in the park swings.
Lay down with him under the moonlight as it radiates its glow on us.
Feel his thickness deep inside me, as it trickles down warming the very confines of my being kind of things.
Ooooh how I long for his caress, just for a night to die in his arms.
His hands to explore every part of my being, a touch so tender that makes me weak.
Causing my knees to tremble as he thrusts deep inside, as we dance to the rhythm of our souls entwined as one.
Up and down our motion goes, moaning and sighing for more.
The smell of his love lingers in between my breasts, stealing the stiffness from my nipples.
You know what, I aint done yet.
See, I still want to do everything with him.
I still want him to cover me in his softness,
To baptize me with his sweetness.
Work his way in between my legs, savoring my soft lips with his tongue as my river flows for him, staining my sheets.
His arms just like chocolate, dark, rich and satisfying.
A grip so strong, that I cant let go.
Passion so lethal, that he will never know.
Then the earth rights itself again.
And taste tries to return to my tongue.
My body has slummed shut. Forever. No keys exist.
Then the windows draw full upon my mind.
There just beyond the sway of curtains, he passes me by,
Knowing something. Going someplace.
But this time I will simply stand and watch..


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