Diani Mi Amor…

Life is like a wave motion..Full of highs and lows.We sit on life’s shores with our hands open waiting to receive..

See,that is what Diani does to me.. whenever i sit on the white sandy beaches of Diani,it’s like reality is just me and the beach then,serenity,tranquility, i can’t explain it..Diani always holds a special place in my heart,and you know what they say;home is where the heart is..for me Diani is my second home..Diani is one of those peaceful places you’d ever visit in the South of Coast,the people are amazing,the beaches are clean,no hustle and bustle that comes from the polluted air in Nairobi..Just peace and quiet..
The ride through the ferry is always comical to Diani…but the traffic can really annoy you at times…it takes you an Hour to get to Ukunda…i will do a later post on Tiwi,but Tiwi is just before Diani..a very relaxing place too…Well when you get to Diani always remember to pass by Forty Thieves
The view from the Beach there is always breathtaking..and not forgetting Forty Thieves has the best Karaoke on Tuesdays anywhere..and you can’t convince me otherwise Nairobi…and Ali Barbour for me is the best cave restaurant i have ever dined in…love the whole Pirate ambience to it…it’s just amazing..Diani is a tad bit quiet..but Ushago always has some nice tunes playing for those of you who want some noisy quiet nights there..Flamboyant restaurant well what can i say,bellisimo is the word!i could go on and on about Diani and I’m sure i will soon,but for now if your headed there..have fun and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with the place..i found love in Diani,and i fell in love with Diani..i hope y’all do too:-)
Peace and Blessings,Vionna



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